SUNRISE CREST Summer Camp 2011

Green Engineering

August 1st 2011 - August 12th 2011

How can we make a 'Green' building?


Day 1 (08/01/2011): What is energy and how do we use it?

Need for a 'Green Building': Message from Maximus Rupee and Thurston Howell, III

Day 2 (08/02/2011): What is 'Green' and why is it important?

Energy Conversion: Presentation, Worksheet
Food Web: Worksheet
Clue #1: Message from Maximus Rupee

Day 3 (08/03/2011): Where can we build our structure?

Terrain: Presentation, Worksheet
Clue #2: Message from Thurston Howell, III
Location Matrix: Spread Sheet - Researched by campers
Floating Buildings: Tolpi construction video
Message: from Maximus Rupee

Day 4 (08/04/2011): How do we design a building?

Guest Speaker: Pallavi Puranik, Architect, Moody Nolan DC
LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design: Presentation

Planning a Design: Presentation
Google SketchUp: Presentation
Mars Climate Orbiter: Video

Day 5 (08/05/2011): How could we test the design and experiments for “green” buildings?

Natural Resources for Renewable Energy
Transfer Chemical energy to Electrical energy
Biomimicry: Presentation
Lemon Battery Experiment: Worksheet

Day 6 (08/08/2011): How could we test the design and experiments for “green” buildings (contd.)?

Transfer Solar energy to Electrical energy
Electric Circuits: Presentation, Worksheet
Solar Panels: Presentation, Worksheet
Current - Series v/s Parallel: Worksheet

Day 7 (08/09/2011): How could we test the design and experiments for “green” buildings (contd.)?

Transfer Mechanical energy to Electrical energy
How much do you know about energy?: Worksheet
Converting Mechanical Energy to Electrical Energy: Presentation
Wind Lab: Worksheet

Day 8 (08/10/2011): What are different ways to control energy loss/gain?

Insulators: Presentation
Thermal energy quiz: Worksheet
Heating and Cooling of a substance: Video
Green Roof: Presentation
Green Roof Temperature experiment: Worksheet

Day 9 (08/11/2011): How can we make a physical model and "sell" our ideas?

Insulators II: Presentation
The campers worked on their models on Google Sketchup for the rest of the afternoon.

Day 10 (08/12/2011): How can we communicate our results?

Parent Orientation: Agenda
Guests: Maximus Rupee, Thurston Howell, III and Pallavi Puranik
Poster Making
Poster Presentation
Certificates Awarded
Vote of Thanks