SUNRISE CREST Summer Camp 2010

Space Robotics

August 2nd 2010 - August 13th 2010

How could we rescue the mission to find life on Mars?


Day 1 (08/02/2010): Where is there potential for life in the solar system?

Lab Safety Rules:Presentation
Our Solar System: Presentation
Picking a Planet: Presentation
Which celestial body should we explore for life?: Worksheet

Day 2 (08/03/2010): Where on Mars do we want to go?

Earth's Landscapes: Presentation
How Do We Chose a Landing Site?: Presentation
Landforms: Worksheet

Day 3 (08/04/2010): How could we explore and observe Mars?

Introduction to Microbes: Presentation
How Do We Study Mars?: Presentation
Lifeforms: Worksheet
24 Hour Growth Values of Bacteria: Worksheet
Alien Worlds Here At Home: Worksheet

Day 4 (08/05/2010): How do we design a robot?

Introduction to LEGO Mindstorms: Worksheet
LEGO Mindstroms-Design: Presentation
Gravity and Center of Gravity: Presentation, Worksheet
How Do We Get a Robot To Move: Presentation
How Do We Progran a Robot To Move: Presentation
NXT Block Programming: Presentation

Day 5 (08/06/2010): How do we design a robot (contd.)?

After having learnt the basics of how to design the robot, the students got their blueprints ready and each group started to work towards their respective robot.

Day 6 (08/09/2010): How do we design a robot to find life on Mars?

How Should We Test For Life?: Presentation
Collecting Samples on Mars: Presentation
Testing for Life: Worksheet

Day 7 (08/10/2010): How Do We Get to Mars?

Rockets: Presentation
Rocketry and Aerodynamics: Worksheet

Day 8 (08/11/2010): How Do We Get to Mars? (contd.)

Stomp Rocket v/s Space Rocket: Presentation
Instructions for Safe Landing on Mars: Worksheet
Rocket Launching: Worksheet

Day 9 (08/12/2010): Is there life on Mars?

Recap on Robot Sampling and Ways to Prevent Contamination: Presentation
Identifying Tools of the Rover: Presentation
Rover Identification and Prism Activity: Worksheet
Agar Plate Results: Worksheet

Day 10 (08/13/2010): How could we rescue the mission to find life on Mars?

Poster Making
Poster Presentation
Certificates Awarded
Vote of Thanks