SUNRISE CREST Summer Camp 2009

Oceans in Motion

August 3rd 2009 - August 7th 2009

Picture Gallery

Why are blue crabs decreasing in the

Chesapeake Bay?


Day 1 (08/03/2009): Introduction to the topic

Letter from the President of Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Blue Crab Observation: Presentation

Day 2 (08/04/2009): Water Analysis and Algae

Water Testing: Presentation, Worksheet
Water Analysis: Presentation
Algae: Presentation

Day 3 (08/05/2009): Bacteria, Blue Crab Fishery and Loss of Habitat

Bacteria Exponential Growth: Presentation, Activity
Blue Crab Fishery: Presentation, Activity
Loss of Habitat: Presentation

Day 4 (08/06/2009): Food Web

Food Web: Presentation
Predator Prey Model: Presentation

Day 5 (08/07/2009): Group Presentations

Group 1: Presentation
Group 2&5: Presentation
Group 3: Presentation
Group 4: Presentation
Group 6: Presentation