Participants - Year 5 (2011 - 2012)

School Division and Schools

Fairfax County Public Schools

Lynbrook Elementary
Annandale Terrace Elementary
Hutchinson Elementary

Alexandria City Public Schools

John Adams Elementary
Patrick Henry Elementary

Manassas Park City Schools

Manassas Park Elementary
Manassas Park Middle

Fellow Disciplines

Mr. Ross Eldridge - Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Mr. Kumnit Nong (James) - Computational Science and Informatics
Ms. Marlene Ouayoro - Statistics
Ms. Lillian Parker - Environmental Science and Policy
Ms. Elizabeth Nohelty Romano - Environmental Science and Policy
Mr. Prabal Saxena - Physics and Math
Mr. Daniel Veltri - Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Ms. Lauren Wilson - Environmental Science and Policy

Fellow-Teacher Pair

Fellow Teacher School
Mr. Ross Eldridge Ms. Carmela Barth Lynbrook Elementary
Mr. Kumnit Nong (James) Ms. Carmela Stremple John Adams Elementary
Ms. Marlene Ouayoro Ms. Manuelita Vega Patrick Henry Elementary
Ms. Lillian Parker Ms. Kelly Dumermuth Manassas Park Elementary
Ms. Elizabeth Nohelty Romano Ms. Kelly Beatty Manassas Park Middle
Mr. Prabal Saxena Ms. Christina Fentress Hutchinson Elementary
Mr. Daniel Veltri Ms. Heather Morris Annandale Terrace Elementary
Ms. Lauren Wilson Ms. Crystal Gurney Manassas Park Elementary

Project Manager

Ms. Audarya Sarkar

Project Evaluator

Dr. Philip Henning, James Madison University