Lessons Enriched by Graduate Fellows

Sixth Grade Middle School Lessons

1. How far is the Sun
2. How hot is the Sun
3. Permeability
4. Rocket Fun
5. Planet ratio: Presentation, Worksheet
6. Plotting weather data: Data, Presentation

Fifth Grade Elementary School Lessons

Fifth Grade Science Activities
SOL 5.1 - Scientific Methods: Dry Ice Experiment, Worksheet
SOL 5.2 - Sound: Presentation1, Presentation2, Experiment, Worksheet
SOL 5.4 - Matter: Atoms, Molecules and Compounds, Water Molecules, Atoms and Molecules Worksheet, States of Matter, States of Matter Worksheet
SOL 5.5 - Living Systems: Presentation, Worksheet
SOL 5.6 - Water Pressure: Presentation, Worksheet
SOL 5.7 - Earth Pattterns: Earth's Crust, Weather Bulletin Board, Types of Rocks, Rock Cycle, Plate Boundaries, Soil Classwork, Earth Structure and Plate Tectonics Experiment, Earth Patterns, Cycles and Changes, Structure of the Earth, Volcano, Earth Worksheet

Fourth Grade Elementary School Lessons

SOL 4.1 - Scientific Methods: The Scientific Method and Measurement, Measurement of Volume by Water displacement, Worksheet, Gak Experiment, Temperature Experiment
SOL 4.2 - Force, Motion and Energy: Motion and Force, Gravity, Energy, Worksheet, Science Trek Scavenger Hunt, Experiment, Energy Ramp Experiment
SOL 4.3 - Electricity and Magnetism: Atoms, Magnetism, Circuits, Atom and Electricity Worksheet, Building a Circuit Worksheet, Conductor and Insulator Experiment, Magnetism Experiment, Series and Parallel Circuit Experiment, Conductivity
SOL 4.7 - Earth Patterns: Motion of the Earth, Rotation and Revolution Worksheet, Worksheet, Worksheet, Eclipse, Eclipse Worksheet